The Mobile Access Continuous Hinge is the pinnacle of safe, dry freight shutter design.

Able to withstand the most demanding of distribution conditions, the Mobile Access Fingershield Continuous Hinge is a high-strength shutter with multiple functionalities designed with safety in mind. Featuring up to one third less moving parts thanks to the FingerShield and 500mm deep SuperSlat.


Technical Details

  • Designed to resist finger-trapping
  • High-grade, high-density birch composite ply doors with a specially profiled edge format
  • Low profile track mounting
  • Multi-blade perimeter sealing
  • Shutter aperture of up to 60mm

Optional Extras

  • Choice of locks


  • Long life
  • Safety benefits
  • High standard weather-proofing
  • Low noise levels
  • Better livery potential

Component List



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