Boasting the latest advancements in flexible bulkhead technology, System ‘D’ is designed to simplify your workload.

The robust System ‘D’ bulkheads work to effectively halve the effort required to open and close your vehicle, serving both driver and loader. Primarily designed for the popular ‘split’ configuration, as favoured by the UK's leading supermarkets, it can also be supplied as one piece, bi-fold or plug.


Technical Details

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible and durable
  • New core to eliminate sagging
  • Waterproof materials throughout
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Extra tough bonded PVC skin
  • Available in multiple options to suit your bespoke application, including fans


MICRO Lift & STOW Device

Looking for a little more? Combine the System ‘D’ with our stainless steel Micro Lift & Stow device and let the equipment do the heavy work for you.

Ergonomic design, and made using the highest quality marine grade components, the JR Industries Micro Lift & Stow device has been designed in conjunction with leading fleet experts.

Using a 10mm diameter braid polyester rope, the movement of the bulkhead requires minimum effort. When you're done, it can conveniently be stowed into a bespoke bungee carrier.

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