Narrow Slat Aluminium Shutters

The original shutter of choice for leading manufacturers of firefighting vehicles worldwide, when reliability, strength and durability are of paramount importance.

The 34mm Robinson shutter is now used in a wide range of vehicles including home delivery vehicles, utility pods and tanker lockers.  

Designed for easy operation and strength, 34 aluminium shutters are manufactured using only the highest quality components to ensure a long-lasting, efficient performance for every vehicle.


Roll Shutter Features

  • Simplified fitting of curtain and track assemblies
  • Close tolerance, waterproof, alloy slat profile in mill finish
  • Flat profile slats to ensure a suitable surface for adhesion of conspicuity tape 
  • Hardwearing, interlocking nylon end shoes
  • Positive stop brackets to bottom rail
  • Pre-tensioned, lubricated, efficient operator with simple adjustment (incorporating direct lift for Roll type shutters, twin cable lift for Roof type shutters or twin webbing lift for Roll type shutters)
  • Flocked side seals and alloy carriers are standard on Fire Service shutters 34mm and 57mm
  • Ease and speed of assembly and operation
  • Total reliability
  • Sealed against ingress of road dirt and water


Optional Extras

  • Combined door ajar/locker lighting switching
  • Combined track and side seal carrier
  • PTFE coated tracks
  • Lift bar lock
  • Knob lock
  • Auxiliary hook lock with bespoke ‘T’ key
  • ‘T' key operated transverse slam or deadlock
  • Pneumatically operated central locking (fail safe)
  • Internal release handle
  • Stainless steel channel tracks and pennant plates
  • Anodised, painted or powder coated finish 

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