With more global sales than any of its competitors, the Whiting Dry Freight shutter has earned its top spot through intelligent design and quality performance.

Only the highest quality materials are used to produce these slat doors. All core gaps are filled during the manufacturing process, and external faces have a premium medium density overlay (MDO). As part of our commitment to quality, the cables used are batch tested and certified to meet a breaking strain of more than 500kg. The result is a shutter door that is quick and easy to maintain, durable, with a long lifespan.

The Whiting Dry Freight shutter is produced in two different standard models for rear and side closures:

  • The 470 – typically incorporating four rows of hinges and a Whiting type 70 lock
  • The 477 – combining four rows of hinges and a Whiting type 77 lock

The Whiting Dry Freight shutter can be tailor-made to your specific requirements.


Technical Details

  • Doors produced from WBP plywood

  • Cables manufactured from high quality 49 strand (7x7) stainless steel wire

Component List



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