Sturdy, practical and featuring a simplistic design, the Whiting Excel dry freight shutter is a dream for both end users and bodybuilders.

The full-width continuous hinge provides an installation/removal process so smooth that it can be completed by a single engineer. The hinge also serves to prevent water ingress during the harshest conditions, while twin spring balancers ensure continuous operation.

As a result, the Whiting Excel 2000 is used by many of the UK's leading fleet operators.


Technical Details

  • Hinge configuration that has been tested beyond 90,000 cycles, equal to 10 years of regular operation

  • Twin spring balancer provides added reliability and independent lifting capabilities for individual cables

  • 47mm diameter nylon rollers guarantee long lifespan

Optional Extras

  • Choice of locks including high-security options

  • Stainless steel fittings

  • Electric or pneumatic operation

  • Pre-punched track fixing holes


  • Minimum of downtime and maintenance costs

Component List



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